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Body Treatments for Women

Woman receiving a back massage

Body Treatments

Seaweed Body Treatment

Experience the ocean's healing and purifying powers. Seaweed is nature's most complete source of nutrition, which can stimulate a sluggish metabolism while detoxifying and reducing cellulite.


Magnesium Body Scrub

The Magnesium Body Scrub will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.


Coffee Body Scrub

Enjoy an invigorating and cleansing body scrub. The Coffee Body Scrub will exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.


Back Treatment

Whether it's a deep pore cleansing or hydration that your back needs. Let us take care of that hard to reach place. A relaxing back treatment for men & women, and one that is beneficial for teenagers dealing with acne issues on their back. Also great for stress relief.


Anti-Stress Treatment (60 minutes)

Designed to relax tired muscles and improve circulation, the Anti-Stress treatment helps to reduce stress and promotes a sense of well-being.


Therapeutic & Massage (60 minutes)

Provides a welcome relief from the symptoms of anxiety, tension, stress, back pain, and muscle pain.


Paraffin Treatment


Therapeutic Foot Treatment

A refreshing aromatherapy treatment that rejuvenates tired feet and instills a deep sense of relaxation to your whole body. Your feet is treated to a luxurious soak, followed by a deep cleansing herbal exfoliation, and a relaxing foot and lower leg massage.


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